Our Mission

Daring Together

We, the members and workers of Pink Triangle Press,

Are rooted in communities that value diversity and stand for sexual freedom.

The outcome that we seek is this –

Our passionate communities daring together to set love free.

Working to achieve our end, we use the published word.

We earn in commerce the money that we need,

mindful that money is not an end, but merely means.

‘Passionate communities’

We have chosen as our public all those who

bend the borders of desire or break the bonds of gender.

We name here our communities,

separately and together, in particular but without exclusion:

Lesbian, Gay, Bi, Trans, Queer, Two-Spirit and Allied people.

‘Daring together’

The will and work to change our downcast state

can only be our own.

We engage our chosen public,

rousing them singly and in numbers

to think and act and grow and fill the world,

to form a movement, fight for change

and, in so doing, change themselves.

‘Set love free’

We honour lust and seek a world

where sex is valued as a human trait,

no more no less than any other,

and all are free and equal, no matter whom they love.


We engage our chosen public –

Our followers, our, clients and each other –

as worthy equals, with respectful camaraderie.

In all our work we do our best, so drawing out the best in others.

We entice and we incite; we challenge and we lead.


Through the customs of their people, the web of their associations,

the output of their artists and the practice of their commerce,

communities are made and know themselves.

Through strife and argument they grow.

Because communities give birth to movements, we nurture them.


Words are power and they always serve some purpose.

Others use them to oppress us. We use them to express our lives.

We assail the work of censors. Our drive is to arouse debate,

to inform and to enlighten in a fair and honest way.


Pink Triangle Press was born from the conscious will and daunting work

Of the gay and lesbian people who made the Body Politic.

The history of our communities

Is foundation, inspiration, a lesson and a warning.

We seek to own our history: we learn and teach and guard it.